20th September 2020 

Herne Hill
South London
tel: 07879 424 181
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I am currently on sabbatical and not seeing clients.

Relationship counsellor for both couples and individuals

Maureen Ni Fiann B.A.Dip.Psych.MBACP UKCP

I am currently on sabbatical and not seeing clients
in South London:-

  • Herne Hill SE24 9QP near Camberwell, Dulwich, Brixton, Crystal Palace

    "It is entirely positive to have to reassess and renegotiate our relationship at regular intervals."
    Kate Figes Couples The Truth

  • Relationship Counselling

    The relationship issues that bring clients to counselling, generally revolve around communication difficulties.

    Communication problems that are triggered by issues such as:- drifting apart- because of the children leaving home, or because of long work hours. Couples come with the issues of repetitive disagreements, anger management, sexual issues, depression and low self confidence.
    Life transitions such as becoming parents, pregnancy difficulties and bereavement can trigger anxiety and cause relationship issues. Clients also come when trying to cope with the stress caused by the revelation of an affair, sense of betrayal and loss of trust.

    Relationships can survive these difficult experiences and come through to a deeply caring, loving place.

    I am committed to providing counselling in a safe, confidential and non judgemental environment.

    Relationship issues cause low self esteem and can put people under such pressure that they find that they are no longer coping as well as they usually do. There might be regular flare ups or long periods without communication, causing distress. These difficulties can improve in a counselling environment by having a skilled therapist present, experienced, supportive and understanding. It can make a huge difference. Counselling helps people to get back on track, to take on board some fresh perspectives, regain confidence and move forward. I have seen this happen many times over.

    I am registered with UKCP and am accredited with BACP and abide by their professional code of ethics.

    My consulting rooms are in
    1.Central London:- London Bridge, Tooley Street, S.E.1 near Bermondsey, Southwark and Waterloo.
    2.South London:- Herne Hill SE24, near East Dulwich, Camberwell, Brixton and Dulwich Village.

    "I believe deeply in therapy.There is no one in the world who wouldn't benefit from it." - Anthony Sher.

    Individual or Couples Counselling?

    Shall I go on my own or with my partner?

    Relationship counselling works well for individuals as well as couples.

    Coming on your own? Sometimes one partner is more comforable with counselling than another.Sometimes an individual identifies an unsatisfactory pattern in their personal relationships and wants to make changes for future relationships, and sometimes a client may want to explore a relationship with a parent or sibling. Individual clients benefit from relationship counselling because they have the dedicated time to focus on their own personal dilemmas,to understand their own strengths and weaknesses and to look at their own hopes and wishes and how to help to make them happen.

    "I valued the integrity and the confidential, professional context."Client Feedback Relationship Counselling

    Coming with your partner? Clients benefit from couples counselling because communication issues are often at the root of couples problems. Having a third party present creates the safety and professional space required to develop new ways of interacting. Couples get the chance to experience other choices on how to be with each other,how to speak and listen with less stress, how to relax the tension.

    The wonderful thing about couples therapy is that,it is the motivation for the relationship to work that enables people to go through the difficulties. The relationship assists the therapy.

    "We are more together now than ever before." Client Feedback Couples Counselling


    For details on location and street map click here,
    If you have any queries at all about how I work or to contact me for session availabilities and times
    Call me on 07879424181 or email me at [email protected]
    I will usually reply within 24hours.

    Enquiries for relationship and couples counselling South London:- If you mail or leave message please say if you need evening slots or can be flexible with day times. Session time 50 mins. Current Fees 75 day time and 85 eves for couples and 70/75 for individuals.

    Relationship Counselling
    South East London Herne Hill near East Dulwich, Brixton, Camberwell, Peckham.