23rd May 2018 

Herne Hill
South London
tel: 07879 424 181
Relationship Counselling #01

Relationship Counselling

"We are born into relationship. Our personalities are formed by relationship. And we are healed in relationship."

I find the idea of couples counselling a bit daunting. Don't you think most people's relationships are very private?

Yes it is true that most couples feel they should keep their relationships private. Also it is true that most couples assume that everyone else is coping and to have problems is a sign of failure. The reality is that all couples face difficulties at some time in their relationship. It is absolutely normal and not a sign of a failure. The pressures of finance, starting a family, the empty nest, illness and bereavements, all cause stresses on relationships. It takes courage to go to couples counselling and it can be immensely rewarding. Plodding on or splitting up? Confidential counselling sessions can provide the support needed to break through to new ground.

We want to stay together but sometimes we just end up hurting and upsetting each other.

Most of the issues in couples counselling revolve around communication, and learning to communicate difficult feelings without rowing. It is surprising how different it is to discuss painful or taboo topics in the presence of a neutral third party - a professional therapist who can provide safety, confidentiality and support for each partner.

Can counselling help with the difficulties of step families?

There are now nearly as many step families in the UK as regular families. There can be a huge adjustment period for everyone concerned and generally speaking it is new territory for all concerned. Counselling can help enormously to understand the difficulties and how they can be resolved.